I am gaining and loving it…!!

I have lost some pounds, I have gained some… and I don’t care- all I know is I feel like a million bucks every time I set a goal and meet it, and even if it’s just as little as making it on a treadmill for 20 mins! That’s 20 mins more than what I would have done 8 weeks ago!

It is my understanding that the midpoint we have approached, can be a dropout point for some. Allow me to plead to you – don’t give up! Shift your focus! Weight is just a number! Instead of focusing on how much you have lost, let’s look at what you have gained. For myself, I have gained new friends- each and everyone of you, a healthier lifestyle for myself AND my family, a deeper relationship with Christ, and last but not least confidence! Confidence not because of how much weight I have lost, or how I look on the outside, but because of who I know I am on the inside- through Christ alone!

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