Sickness Be Gone!

So went to bed last night, woke up this morning feeling like I did at the beginning of last week… To make matters worse my 1 year old has it now and my 9 year old is still dealing with food poisoning. Ugh… I am trying not to let this get me down but it’s hard not to be. I haven’t been to the y in a week. I got home Tuesday from my trip up north. I was able to do some exercising up there and have tried to do some at home but my body can’t handle it. Also it’s hard to exercise with my 1 year old attached to my leg… :’/ I can’t wait for all of this sickness to be gone!!!! OK ok I am done with my pity party.. lol I just am trying to be real…

One thought on “Sickness Be Gone!”

  1. Praying for you, Fi!! You’ll get a pass this week – let’s hit it hard next week!! šŸ˜œ

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