Took a running leap off the health wagon

Like many people who struggle with weight loss I slipped up, got sick, baby wouldn’t stop crying in day care so I couldn’t stay at the gym. There are many reasons we let ourselves stop. But there are many reasons we get back up and on that treadmill or under those weights.

I have 3 little reasons, 2 of whom aren’t as little as I remember them yesterday :-/ They want to play and run and be picked up and snuggled. Even the 4ft. 5in. 8 year old wants to be picked up and held sometimes. And I want/need to be able to do that.

So after a week long pity party, I’ve picked myself up, and climbed back up onto that horse.

My main focus right now is cardio. I’m working through my C25K app with my drill instructor friend’s voice yelling in my head to “suck it up, buttercup!” And no more poor, poor me parties, they’re no fun anyway!

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