So week 8 was an eventful one, started out last Saturday, had a horrible day, felt bad not up to going to the gym, no strength or motivation basically what I told myself was a wasted day.. On Sunday I felt a little better, made it to the gym and was able to do a little but still just wasn’t feeling it….

Then Monday came and at approximately 7 am I received the call no family member wishes to ever hear, my beautiful best friend, my sister had just been involved in a horrible head on collision,on her way to work.. WOW now that’s something that will wake you up, literally and figuratively!

She sustained multiple broken bones in her lower extremities, both femurs, hip, knee, tibia/fibula, pelvis and several ribs… But she was ALIVE PRAISE GOD!! So needless to say my Monday and Tuesday were a little crazy, by Wednesday things had started to take on a new “normal”for our family, as we continue to show our support and love, and help encourage her in this long, healing process.. That day as I left work I had so many things crowding my mind, do this, do that, anything and everything as long as it was not physical, and then it hit me…

You need to press on… I immediately started heading to the gym all the while thinking about the beautiful creature, I have the pleasure of calling my sister,  and what she would want me to do. See she’s one of my biggest encouragers, one that builds me up and motivates me to do better… Here I have these two functional legs that I can use to get stronger and I actually have the audacity to waste an opportunity to use them…

From this point forward, in my journey of a healthy me, each and every time I am in that gym I will dedicate it to her, by doing the best that I can do to make myself stronger so that when her journey begins I can try to be the solid rock for her, that she has ALWAYS been for me!!

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