Eating late at night

I’ve been really good with my eating up to the last week. I’m still not eating junk food, but I’ve been under some stress and I’ve found myself not sleeping well and eating late at night and eating more than I have been. I don’t punish myself if I eat fruit and veggies but I’ve eaten things like cheese with crackers or raisin toast. I’ve also been eating more bread and had french fries a couple of times. I’ve never been a big bread eater or one to eat potatoes much so I’m not sure what’s going on with me but I don’t like it. I’m also not drinking the amount of water that I was and have gone back to drinking more coffee. I love love love coffee… But it dries you out and I can tell it in my skin and the scales. So please pray for me that I will get over this stress eating and get back to eating healthy. I have to find another way to channel stress than eating. I’m so mad at myself.

One thought on “Eating late at night”

  1. Oh honey I relate! It’s like water is a whole new concept. I was doing great but the last week or two it has been work to drink water! 50 oz is like drinking a pool!!! We got this!

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