Life Style Change

I don’t want just to lose weight  and work out for twelve weeks and see how it goes.  I don’t want to work out five or seven days  a week and expect my life to change.  I told my husband today that I want to be able to do today what I’m willing to do every day.  I know this already sounds weird but yesterday was an eye opener for me.  I’ve been stressing about what will happen to me after RBL that I’m not realizing what is happening to me now.  I felt lost yesterday not going to the gym.  My life before was the gym was a chore that I know I need to do but really don’t want to take the time to get dress and drive all the way there.  And to answer your question, no I didn’t go to the gym yesterday but it wasn’t because I didn’t want to. I have been neglecting my poor house and husband.

I feel different than before when I lost weight.  I don’t want to go back to what I once was.  I want to live and give God a healthy temple He can be proud of .  I love what Suzy posted on Face book with the lady and It’s true.  God did create us and I don’t want to shorten the life He has given me but my unhealthy choices.

So………. after our twelve weeks with RBL is over then our journey will begin.  Was this just a temporary fix or will this be our lifestyle change?  So who’s ever reading this I’d like to get together and continue on our journey of healthy habits. I love hiking and there’s Falls park to go walking maybe jogging too.  It doesn’t have to end in twelve weeks.   There are great recipes to help with cravings too.  I have learned that I can live without beef and pork.  At first I knew my body would go into utter shock.  I love shake N Bake pork chops.  I could eat them everyday not to mention my love for a medium rear steak.  Yummy.  And I’m not saying that I will never eat them again but until I’m strong enough to realize that food is nourishment and not a soothing drug for whatever ale’s me, then I choose to sustain from them. If I’ve learned anything from this experience is that I’m stronger than I thought I was and I matter! God is my creator, redeemer and He loves me unconditional. It’s time for me to love me too!

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