40 on 40!

Here’s my video! By the way, I hit a milestone! My goal was to loose 40 on my 40th Birthday and I did! I also wanted to say that I hope I do not come across as bragging or arrogant. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a humble person. I tell y’all and friends and family about my pounds lost not to make anyone feel bad but to encourage others and also I thrive on compliments and the “way to go’s”. I have always had a very poor self esteem and always have had a lack of confidence in myself. I was the fat kid in school who was the last one to get picked and never won anything. So to know I’m doing something well and people are noticing and compliment me for accomplishing goals is part of the fuel to help me continue. Of course being healty for my family is fuel as well. The last thing I would ever want to do is hurt or discourage anyone from loosing weight or folks see my results and just want to quit. I personally wish the contest had a separate womens and mens contest and 2 winners are named.

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