Being vulnerable

Why is it so easy to encourage others, but not have one encouraging thought when it comes to myself?! This past week just flat out sucked, at least the latter part of it. I was drained mentally, emotional and while I am able to encourage and cheer on others who hit the wall – I cannot do it for myself! So here it goes, being real, being vulnerable- publicly: I am realizing that I can’t do this alone! I can’t do life alone! I’m asking for prayers for strength and endurance- mentally, emotionally, and physically! Prayers to get back on track, and stay on track!

2 thoughts on “Being vulnerable”

  1. Hi waving from the wall too! I no longer live in the “this is fun” bubble. Workouts feel like work and I reside in craving city!!! But you still got this too much time effort and straight up sweat has happened to make a U-turn!!! Let’s move forward together – even if it’s a little slower than previous weeks 😉

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