5K, Here I Come!

I have several goals for RBL. One of them is to actually run the whole 5K. I trained for a 5K about 8 years ago when my mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer. I ran the Susan G Koman Race for the Cure. That’s the only time I’ve ever run that far. On Saturday, I was doing my ActivTrax workout and had some questions about new exercises that had popped up in the routine. As the Y coach was helping me, he was also listening to my ramblings. When I said it would be cool to leg press my body weight, he challenged me to push myself harder. I kept the momentum of that challenge yesterday when I went in for my cardio. I’ve been wondering if I could run faster than I have been, so I bumped up the level in the Sprint 8 program. And, I’m still alive and well today! It was so amazing. I thought I was too old and a wimp and there was no way I could run any faster. But, I was wrong. I am thankful for that guy and his encouraging words. You’ll never until you try. 5K, here I come!

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