The Dog Ate My Homework

Life has gotten in the way.  That seems to be my go-to phrase during this 12-week period. I’ve always got an excuse. First it was shin splints, but I worked my way through those.  Then came exhaustion and-well- laziness.  We’ve spent a bunch of weekends visiting family out of town. Most recently, we’ve been struggling with sickness in my house.  I haven’t been getting much sleep because babies and toddlers don’t realize how awesome sleep is- especially when you’re sick!  Early last week, toddler had what we believe was an ear infection- but he had a really high fever and was out of commission for a while.  He finally started recovering, and my husband and I kept exchanging an unpleasant head cold.  Then the baby came down with croup.  I missed a Saturday because of a sick child, and was out of town the following two- which meant almost a month of no-shows.  This past Saturday I didn’t think I was going to make it yet again, because the baby had been coughing and wheezing all night, and we were told to take her in first thing.  Thankfully the visit didn’t last long, so I was able to briefly catch the end of our Saturday meet-up… but couldn’t count it as a workout for myself.  Any free time I’ve had in the last 2 weeks has gone to prepping for a lengthy application and trial process for an online job (a Dave job!  anyone familiar with that term?) instead of running.  But hey- yesterday I learned that I got the job.

So- in the last month, I’ve managed a few at home workouts, but can count on one hand the number of times I’ve run.  I’m embarrassed by this.

Life got in the way.  The home team trainer Doug called me out on this phrase… he said it’s the grown up version of the dog ate my homework.

So- with a whole 3.5 weeks left (gasp), let’s see if I can hit the reset button and get back on track!!  It’s not just getting my body back on track- it’s resetting my mind… and I think that’s so much more difficult!

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