Junk food…

So when I first started RBL I remember it was so so hard to not eat unhealthy. It seemed everywhere I looked there was always junk food. Everywhere I went or looked that’s all I could think of. However no matter how much my body craved it I didn’t give in.

Now with only a little over 4 weeks left junk food doesn’t tempt me anymore. Sure it looks good, but I think now what it will do to my body. How it will make me feel. I think is it worth it? Nope… So i have learned to enjoy other things. If I want something sweet I turned to a piece of dried fruit, or a banana with peanut butter and a little honey, or a cup of tea with honey, or a smoothie with spinach raspberries and almond milk… It’s amazing how that fulfills me now and I feel good about myself after I eat it. Not like before where I would always feel guilty for eating something bad.

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