Moving Forward

I’m sitting here tonight reflecting. Tomorrow, after almost 3 months, my dad comes home from rehab!  That is beyond exciting for me! It also is causing me to think about this journey. When I got the initial phone call about RBL, I was at the hospital while my dad was having surgery. Since that day, I have seen lots of victories and lots of struggles. If I am honest, these last 2 weeks have been far from the best. Our schedules have been crazy, we haven’t planned well, my weight has pretty much stayed the same. I need a fresh start. I need to stop thinking about what has been and focus on what can be. Here’s to not dwelling on the past but moving forward!

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  1. Hey Jennifer, Remind yourself that even though you might not have lost weight at least you didn’t gain any back! Stay strong, embrace set-backs and get back on track soon! You have lots of victories to celebrate!

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