Doug suggested that I would try listening to podcasts while running. He saw I was struggling while listening to music and he knew I needed something to take my mind off running.

It works.

And I’ve learned so much from the podcasts I listen to. I learn about finances, the news, the stock market, and weight loss. I’ve learned that it’s normal for people who’ve lost a lot of weight to gain it all back plus another 10 pounds – pretty much what happened to me in 2015 & 2016. It’s the body overreacting and trying to get me back to the same weight I was at before. That’s why I should have a plan & a support group for both weight loss and maintenance once I get to a nice weight.

When you’re running, I recommend listening to comedy or to something you’re interested in/intrigued by (interesting biographies, interviews, tips for investing, Car Talk, whatever does it for you).

Keep at it!

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