The Dog Ate My Homework

This is my excuse for this week.  It has been a rough week, on top of returning to work after our Spring Break, Monday is my long day and I was not only tired from returning to work, but also HUNGRY!!! I felt like I ate everything I could find to snack on. I even hit up the snack machine because I just didn’t feel myself without that Snickers! LOL… and it was a snickers! Then Tuesday happened! My daughter had a run in with a rooster on our farm and the poor girl stayed with mommy all afternoon following our visit to the doctor. I planned to run, but she wouldn’t let me put her down. So, I said, it’s ok… I’ll run tomorrow… ahhh, tomorrow… What happened to Wednesday??? Tonight… Thursday was the night! I finally got back into it today and it felt so good to be back in the routine. Thank you to my weekly Running Partner Connie! Thank you that the rain held off for us to run! Thank you for muscle memory after 5 days of being idle! Thank you God for strength to not give up when I felt like I was beginning to slip!

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