I have been struggling this week to do my work-outs. Seems like I have been so tired all week. I feel ok, just a little headache and scratchy throat, just NO ENERGY, just want to sleep.
I did make myself go Tuesday and Thursday morning and I did feel better afterwards, but getting up and getting to the Y this week has been tough.
Even now @ 12:45 on Friday afternoon, I just want to go home and take a nap. Usually on Friday afternoons I go to bank, grocery shopping, getting gas, all of my regular week-end chores, but I just want to sleep.
Maybe a little nap is what I need and then I will be able to get back on track. I do not want to waste one day of this opportunity to work out and get healthier.
I hope you all have a blessed week-end. Stay safe and if you get a chance, please whisper a prayer for me.

One thought on “Struggling”

  1. Oh Lynn – you have such a sweet spirit. Prayers lifted and the struggle is real. But you got this! And if your body is demanding rest let it rest especially if you are feeling some symptoms! Take care of you – some days that means push the workouts but sometimes that means test it too!

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