Well it has been a Week

I am ready for the weekend but it is the beginning of one of the longest weeks I have at this time of the year.

Each year the weekend before Easter our Church does a Easter Drama and a few years ago I was “asked to play a part in it. Little did I know at the time that it is one I get to keep doing for a while. I do like it but This week wil be tough trying to get in the Workouts and everything else I need to get done.

Starting tomorrow is a tech and Dress Rehearsal followed by another Dress rehearsal during the week then the real Fun begins Next Friday when we start our first of Five presentations over the Weekend. If you are in the area and can make it please Contact Forestville Baptist Church regarding tickets.

Well on to the workouts ….. Needless to say it has been real fun…. That is if you consider Medieval torture devices a pleasant experience.

The weights are starting to increase again in the amount I work with and I am liking that since it is becoming more of a challenge on some things which is what I have been needing for a little bit. Still not a big fan of using the dumb bells but that is Ok it is part of the process.

Lets talk about everyone’s favorite subject and that is Cardio….. Yeah Yeah I know



I will be one of the first to admit it but I really did not enjoy doing a lot of it before sure I would do what I had to do but I would do just enough to meet certain goals. Now I am finding that I am trying to meet certain goals and pushing myself to meet those. First I know I can do the 5k in under an hour so I have been pushing to shorter distances faster so I can build up to doing the 5kk in a lot lesser time


I started last week or so on the treadmill adding inclines though the workout and got the following

Hopefully you can see that it was doing 1.01 miles in almost 18 and a half minutes so about a week later the following one was done



1.04 Miles right at 18 minutes Then here is one from Last night


a even mile at 17 minutes even. The avg pace on the first two was 3.7 mph and last night was 3.8. It is still a fast walk but getting real close to being an actual …. GASP DARE WE SAY IT …. WE MUST WE MUST … almost an actual slow jog even a possible RUN (AAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHH) Who da thunk it… running


Well anyway I am going to keep doing the newest thing with the inclines for me and BTW in case you have not tried the little joy machine they have that simulates Rowing Please feel free to do it is a TOTAL blast, if trying to walk after doing only 5 minutes is considered fun.


Well got to go for now and as always …. Keep your feet on the Ground and keep reaching for the bars of your next lifting session

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