Crazy! Prayers appreciated.

On Thursday I took my hubby to the doctor for an Asthma flare and our PCP sent us to the hospital because his oxygen levels dropped when he walked around. We went to the hospital in Charlotte because it’s much more reliable than our local hospital and thank God that we did. Six hours after arriving for what we thought was a simple asthma flare that would be treated and we’d be sent home the doctor came in and told us the crazy news. My 28 year old extremely active husband has a large blood clot in each of his lungs and he was being admitted immediately for monitoring and treatment. The next day we found out that he also has a smaller clot in his leg and blood around his heart both of which are to be expected with the clots in his lungs but nevertheless still scary. He is now on two blood thinners and we are waiting to see if he has a genetic defect or disorder that is causing the clots. Either way there is a good chance that he will no longer be able to do his current job, auto glass installation, do to the danger of him getting cut and bleeding out.

Also, last Monday my disabled aunt (mom’s sister) was taken to the hospital with pneumonia, last Tuesday my uncle (mom’s brother) who they thought had lung cancer was diagnosed with Stage 4 inoperable brain cancer that had metastasized to his lungs, and last Saturday my aunt (dad’s half sister in NJ) passed away unexpectedly. Talk about a crazzzzzy week.

Fast forward to today… I came home for the first time in a week and boy it was overwhelming. I cleaned the house bought bumper guards for the furniture, new bath mats,  and came in to work for a bit. The next few days with discharge looming will be very difficult for my hubby and I because there are so many changes that will need to be made in our lifestyle. Please keep us in your prayers. Coming home with my husband without my parents home to help me and support me will be difficult but we are blessed to have an amazing church family who will be there for us.

I will run on April 22nd no matter if I’m the last one finished and cry the whole time I will finish what I started. I look forward to seeing everybody in my group hopefully I’ll be back this week or next.

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