Insane week, but can’t lose focus!

So the past seven days have been insane to say the least!! I feel like this world is throwing so many things at me all at once, but I have to press forward. To me this is not a challenge, not a competition, not a game. To me this is a new life!! The life of making better choices, the life of trying to get exercise where ever I can!! As many of you know my precious sister has been in the hospital since March 20 due to a head on collision by an individual who made some very poor choices, sometimes that means I miss a workout at the Y but that just means I park further away from the hospital to get a good walk in, that I take the stairs instead.. That I make every thing I do an opportunity to do better.. In life my kids get sick, my kids need a visit to the hospital for an emergency, my brain does not always work and I need a CT scan, that means I AM LIVING LIFE, and how I treat my body does not take a backseat to things that happen….

Sometimes you just have to rearrange where you are sitting! ❤️❤️

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