Looking for the Jesus Hugs

28273-1Look for the Jesus Hug. At times when I am feeling down I know Jesus is with me. I know He will see me through. But sometimes the pressure is so bad I say Jesus I know you got this but can you just give me a hug. Sometimes it is a pat on the shoulder. Then other times a hug. Then when it is really bad a Bear Hug. What is a Jesus hug? When Jesus does something at a certain time in a certain way that you know it is Him. Like when your son calles from Japain
after you say Jesus I need a hug. Or when you follow Sainta Claus on twitter and you find out he is going to be at Texas Road House for Christmas and you would like to meet him in person but you been out on disability for 6 months and have not been back to work long enough to recover and you do not have the money to go eat and meet your Twitter friend. Then the next day one of your coworkers walks up to you and said we took up this collection for you while you were out sick. And it is just enough for you and your family to go eat and get a picture with Santa. Look for Jesus hugs. They will get you through the tuff times.

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