The journey isn’t over!

As we wind down with a couple of weeks to go, don’t give up now! I personally am pushing hard these last weeks so I can finish well. Not to win. Not to be better then anyone else. To finish well… for me.

I am healthier than when I began, am down about 8 pounds and 6-1/4 inches. Not earth shattering but a start. This twelve week journey is just the beginning. I do not plan to go back to the old life. For me that was exercising when I made the time, eating healthy most of the time… Now, I am going to exercise regularly because it has become a habit and I have friends doing it with me. I am also “watching” what I eat. I am not dieting. I am being very aware of what I put in my mouth every day and not being so strict that I can’t live with it for the rest of my life

This has been life changing in that new habits are formed and new friendships have been made.

Let’s go the distance and finish well friends!!

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