Way behind on my blogs, but up to date with my workouts.

I have continued to work through multiple health problems to keep running.  The best thing about the home program is that you can fit it into your schedule.  Unfortunately, my schedule changes week to week and that can be a big barrier to workouts.  Having the video’s allows me to fit my workout in early morning or late night.  Mornings are best because as the day goes on my energy goes down.  My work schedule has changed and thus block several of my team runs so I try to stay connected through our FB page.  I run two days a week by myself and one day a week with another group member which has been great blessing!  We encourage one another and keep each other motivated.    I have been working on the 22 min run.  So far I can make it about 19 minutes b/f I need to walk for 30 sec to 1 min and then I can return to a run.  I know our coach has us working on the 22 minute run but I have not accomplished that goal yet.  Perhaps today will be the day!  Due to a previous back surgery, each time I run I become inflamed and the next run requires even more pushing to work through the pain.  Apparently, the jarring of my body while I am running (even though it is more like a fast walk) it is just rough on my spine.  God continues to carry me on through the original shin splints, to the knee strains, and now back pain.   I knew this journey would improve my health but it would require working through pain.  I may not be the fastest, or the one who can run the furthest, but I will keep moving!  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the race!


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