First Writing Blog In A While

Getting healthy is such a journey.

Some days my weight goes up, some days it goes down, some days it doesn’t change at all. Some days I feel like I’m making so much progress I could take on the world, other days I feel like this weight will never come off and I just want to curl up and hide away.

Some days I eat really really healthy, like some health guru, other days I just want some comfort food and I’ve learned that’s ok too.

I knew going into RBL2017 that I would not hit my final target weight by the end. At least not healthily, I have too much to lose. But getting down to my perfect weight was never my end goal. My goal was to learn how to make working-out a habit and a lifestyle, how to eat healthier and to incorporate that into a manageable lifestyle, to create relationships and camaraderie with my teammates that would last so much more than this 12 weeks, to not be a slave to the scale because those numbers don’t reflect all the accomplishments you’ve achieved like fitting into those pants you couldn’t wear or people you love telling you how much difference they can see in you, and Lastly but certainly not least, I’ve learned that food does not control me. I don’t need to eat something just because it’s their and no matter how difficult a situation may be, food can not and will not fix it, so I turn to other places now, first and foremost my Lord and Savior has become my source of comfort.

I came into this competition determined to win it all, to be #1 and to take away all the prizes. I’m super competitive and I very much hate to lose anything whatsoever. I can say pretty confidently that it is not God’s will for me to win this. I believe it is another lesson he wants me to take away. don’t get me wrong, I’m still working out 6 times a week and doing my very best, but I’m not eating as restrictively and I’m working on finding a good balance between health and comfort food so that when RBL is no longer going on, I continue to lose weight and get healthy.

My numbers still say I’m morbidly obese. My numbers still say I have so far to go. My numbers make it look like I’ll never get there.

But…My stamina and strength tells me I’ve already come so far, my friends tell me I’ve achieved so much, my wife tells me daily how proud she is of me, and My Lord tell mes I’m starting to take care of my temple.

We have 11 days left before we graduate. I seriously can’t wrap my head around that right now. 11 days left. Make every one of them count. I hope everyone is having an amazing day. Finish strong!!! God Bless!

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