What is your motivation?

My motivation is totally to get healthy and that will mean losing some weight in the process. I want to be stronger, have more energy and be around when grandchildren come along ( none yet) to play and run around with them

It is not to compete or to keep up with anyone else in this journey. Everyone has a different motivation and that is fine.
Mine is for long term benefits and habits that I know I can stick with for the rest of my life.

What that means for me is not “dieting”. It is making much healthier choices, eating and not starving myself, having a treat when I want it and not feeling guilty, being conscious  of when I eat and why. It also means exercising consistently and watching the change in my body which I see and feel so much more then when I started this journey. Moving every single day. I work at a computer most of the day so I get up every hour or so for 10 minutes and move. Sometimes take the dog for a walk or just do some stretches.

I have joy in this process.. I am a different person than I was just eleven weeks ago!

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