Week 12

This is the last week for Rob’s Big Losers. I wish it could continue longer. I have a great team at the Eastside Y. Misty has been amazing!! I find myself looking forward to the weekly meetings. Poof! Now it’s almost over like Cinderella at the ball watching for the clock to strike Midnight. I hope during the past 11 weeks and this upcoming week, I can be an encouragement to someone. Our mentor Annette, has been such an encourager to me. Maybe one day, I can pay it forward to a future RBL team. In the meantime, I’ll give it my all this last week in preparation of continuing what I’ve started.

3 thoughts on “Week 12”

  1. Lisa, I am working to lose weight and could use some advice on what worked for you. I have also been going to the Eastside Y for my workouts.

    1. Accountability has been my biggest motivator. As I made better food choices, I felt better. There have been times that I’ve eaten some unhealthy choices, and felt the difference. I am taking this slow. Literally only looking for a pound per week weight loss. These are baby steps.
      I have also tried various classes. I have found this I really like and have a love/hate relationship with them. Some I don’t like so much. If I can tolerate it, I’ll go and sweat.

      Congrats on working out! Anything you do, you’re already out doing those who are couch potatoes.

  2. Lisa, I love you so much girl! You have been my partner in crime through this. Every time I see you at the gym it made me feel so much better! I pray you continue cause I need my girl there with me! God is so good at placing people in our lives and you one I am so thankful for! I’m thankful for all the girls on our team. They are all such sweeties! And the guys aren’t so bad hahahah!!!:I can not wait to finish this race with you so we can start the next chapter!

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