So many thoughts…

I cannot believe that we are beginning the final week of this part of the journey!  It has been filled with highs and lows, successes and failures, hope and disappointment…but thankfulness through it all!  I remember the overwhelming feeling of excitement, fear, and hope I felt when I found out that Jason and I were both going to have this opportunity. I knew this was a chance not only for us, but for our children, to create better habits. We started strong!!!  Then things started happening…sickness, work…life. I have continued to be consistent with workouts, but not as consistent in the eating choices. I haven’t gone back to where I was, I am still careful, but there are times when I slip. Then I just feel defeated. I have definitely learned that planning is key!!  With one competitive dancer daughter and one soccer playing daughter and life as a minister’s wife and teacher…if we don’t plan, we fail. I have also confirmed that my family is a team. When Jason and I work together for our common goal, we succeed. But if one of us gets slack, we both do. I have always know a huge part of weight loss is a mindset…that is more true now than ever. I can’t let one day or week of less than great choices defeat me. I have to get back in there and just do it. I am so thankful that I can see the change on the scale and in my clothes. Before this journey, weight loss seemed like a mountain too high for me to tackle. I have been reminded that God will give me the strength I need and that no mountain is too high for Him. Although RBL is coming to an end, this journey is really just beginning!  Here’s to the rest of our healthy lives!

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