Last Week

I can not believe that this journey is coming to a end. I have truly enjoyed these past 12 weeks. I hate to see this end.

I have come so far since the first day I walked up that BIG hill and then climbed ALL those stairs for my first work out at the Cain Halter Y. I was exhausted by the time I entered the eight room. Honestly I had to catch my breath before doing anything else.
This morning as I was walking into the Y, I thought about that day, and this morning I even parked further away (on purpose) and I noticed that the walk UP THE HILL and then the CLIMB UP THE STAIRS, I was not even breathing hard and then onto the Elliptical for 30 minutes.

AS I think about the final walk/run coming up on Saturday, I am really sad that we are ending our journey together. I have enjoyed getting to know you all at the Cain Halter Y.
I hope to be able to join the Y next week so that I can continue working out and getting stronger each day.

Although I have not lost many pounds, I have lost inches and this week-end while trying on clothes, I was able to go down a whole size (and they were a little loose) I was doing the HAPPY DANCE in the dressing room at Belks.

Again, I want to thank HIS Radio 89.3, YMCA, Besty Gold, and everyone that is involved with allowing me to make these changes. I will forever be grateful.

I hope we can all stay in touch.
See you all Saturday!!!

One thought on “Last Week”

  1. Lynn, Your journey is not coming to an end. This is just a chapter in your beautiful journey to health. I’ve sen a few posts from others as well that are saying “it’s coming to an end”. This is just the beginning. My journey started 588 weeks ago. Some days are amazing and others are a struggle. But, it’s a life long work on this gift God gave us. LIFE 🙂

    I’m honored you’re on this journey with us! Looking forward to seeing what God does in your life beyond this 12 week RBL kick start you’re been walking.

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