Lifestyle change accomplished 

If you had told me 12 weeks ago I would be down 3 pants sizes and 3 top sizes I would have said no way. I have moved from sedintary to active. The last two weeks have been off schedule due to Sciatica rearing its ugly head however I will be back at it soon. I don’t worry about falling off the wagon and going back as that is not an option!  I have lost those sizes by pushing myself to move. With Fibromyalgia you don’t want to move but that is now in remission and not an issue. I am no longer sluggish and tired all the time. The pep is back in the step. I made basic changes to eating without having a meal plan and it worked. I am thankful for this journey and will not get off the path of health!  I will be walking the 5k not running but who would have thought “i and 5k” would be in the same sentence!! :). Thank you for all of the prayers and encouragement.

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I am a Christian, a Mother, a daughter, a Grandmother, a sister and an Aunt.

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