The en….wait no, The beginning!

What a journey! I learned so much during this time. I’ve learned that I have a sugar addiction, I still hate running but want to anyways but haven’t,  I learned I may never glisten even if I’m 130 lbs (some peeps just don’t glisten), and I learned I have to eat unprocessed foods or I will find the nearest cupcake and eat It!
I didn’t lose what I wanted, but I gain more then I wanted. Or so I thought. I gained a group of people who I love! My team mates have a special place in my heart. They are truly the best! Smiles every time I see them. Encouraging words! Wow. I didn’t expect that. I hope they keep coming to  the Y cause I need them there!
Misty! Our coach! I can’t say enough about her. She is THE sweetest person and that girl always had something encouraging and kind to say and I love that Girl!
God! But…God. Through every low He was still there. I love that when it gets tough I have someone I can turn too. People who don’t believe…who do they lol too? Who calms their fears and walks with them through their storms? I can’t imagine life without my creator.
I am so blessed and so thankful for this experience. I love the whole process of helping people gain confidence and lose weight and get life back. How awesome is that? We are a part of that! You go His Radio with your bad self helping all these people! Rob, you are the hands and feet of God. Showing love and support and sharing God’s love and faithfulness. How about that? You guys keep helping people cause you know so many need it!
A million thank you’s for whoever it was that looked at that picture, and read my why, and said yes..thats one of the ones we need in this competition! I love you all!

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35 year old mom of 2 children. Married 14 years.

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