Bittersweet endings… New beginnings

Well this is it, the end of a twelve week journey to health. But wait! Does it have to be?

No way! Even though the “formal” part of Rob’s Big Losers is over, I plan to continue my health journey. This was a kick off to the rest of our lives guys!! Now that we have formed some good habits, learned to eat better and why we eat and that exercise can actually be fun, let’s continue. I have learned it is a lifelong process. Does it mean we will never eat wrong again or skip an exercise day? No! but being ok with that and getting up the next day and doing it right THAT day is what matters to me.

It is true! Habits can be formed with repetition. Last night I went to Zumba, knowing this was our last couple of days. No one was going to hold me accountable for that except me. The point being, I wanted to go! It has become a habit.

I am forever changed by this experience. Not because I won or even had the best results but because I have changed how I think about food and exercise… baby steps

I have made friends I believe I will always stay in touch with. I have seen “Jesus with skin on” with Misty and David at the YMCA and know that if I ever need a helping hand, they are there! Everyone who works there are amazing!

Have made friends with Danielle and have been doing a bible study with her. She teaches a mean CDB class 🙂

Thank you Rob Dempsey for this incredible opportunity! Your story and determination has been a great role model for all of us.

This is not good bye… this is the beginning of the rest of our lives, hope you all join me in that and hope to see you all at the YMCA and own Facebook!


God Bless!!

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