Final Assessment

I had my final assessment with Betsy this morning. I AM SO EXCITED!!!! I have lost a total of 8 pounds, resting heart rate down, blood pressure down, total body fat down, lost a total of 13 inches overall, aerobic capacity up from Average to Excellent, Upper body strength from NEEDS IMPROVEMENT to Fair (still need to work on this) Lower Body Strength from Average to Superior (thanks to the elliptical) Flexibility from NEEDS IMPROVEMENT to Fair (needs work). But the one thing that I am so excited about is that I feel so much better!!! Stronger, healthier and a much better out look on life.
I plan on joining next week (the joining fee is waived until the end of the month) and IF anyone is interested in joining and we join as a “team”, we both will get 20% off out membership each month. Anyone want to join with me?
Again, thank you WLFJ, YMCA and everyone who provided this opportunity for me. See you all tomorrow morning. Have a wonderful day!!!

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