Last day to the rest of my life

First off I want to thank everyone! From you the readers to, his radio, the Y, our sponsors, and our coaches!  This journey was a crazy ride but we’ll worth it.  It was A LOT of up and downs, but all that counts is the getting back up and trying again!

So I did my final assessment as a Rob Biggest Loser! I lost 19lbs and 17.5 inchs! I wanted to lose 40lbs but I am happy with my results considering all the unexpected things that came up. I really didn’t think there was a difference in my body but looked at my before pics and compared. I was shocked to think I was able to achieve my results. I haven’t bought any new pants but as you can see my size 14 jeans no longer fit! I have so many emotions going into the 5k tomorrow! I am going to love to see everyone and their results but sad that it’s coming to an end. I plan to keep it up at the GIT Y so if you see me don’t be a stranger :). I really want to come back as a coach next year! I truly loved this experience, as well as encouraging and helping others.  I plan to keep blogging my healthy lifestyle so if you want to follow feel free to :).  The beginning chapter has come to a close, now to finish the rest of my chapters strong, with an ending that’s unforgettable.  Thank you again!!!!  Now hopefully I am 5k ready!20170421_141503

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