Settling Into a Rhythm

Day one was 12 weeks ago, tomorrow is Day 84. My future is now. I have learned the importance of being active if I want to stay active. Running around in the car, thinking about working out, and learning about exercise and nutrition are NOT the same as running on a treadmill, actually moving my body, and applying my newly acquired knowledge. I am now a strong believer in “use it, or lose it.” My final assessment showed that I have made progress. I actually gained an inch in my calves – bring on the muscle – while losing inches in my waist, hips, and chest – bye, bye fat. I am starting to wear some of my old, favorite clothes again. In these 83 days, I have become comfortable at the Y and see its familiarity as a new home. I am no longer shy about asking questions. I have new friends. Many of my excuses not to exercise have been removed. It will seem a bit calmer and quieter without the urgency and momentum of RBL, but that may be a good thing for this introverted gal. I don’t know that I can sustain the pace I’ve been on, but I can sustain exercise as a way of life as I settle into a rhythm that works for me.

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