This is the End

Well has 12 weeks really gone by that fast.????

It has been “FUN” for the most depending on the definition of the word but I can say that I do enjoy working out and seeing the people at the Y. I will miss it when this is over. Right now I cannot join but will work to continue to lose weight even if it is just by continuing to walk and maybe just maybe work on running while also working to stay on a diet that works for me.

Although some of the machines I was not a fan of I do see their place in the process of working out however I o like a number of the other machines I worked on as well as the Treadmill. I know a number of people really do not like it I was able to enjoy it and wok on goals a little easier than what I think I could have it I was just out walking on my own.

I had my final assessment and although it was not a large weight loss like some I have been hearing about I think over all I did well

12 pounds lost
A Total loss of 15 inches (including 3 from around my waist)
10% Body fat lost

Those are not to bad. Could they be better most likely but right now I am happy with those numbers and will continue to keep them going down

So until next time be sure to Keep your Feet on the Ground and Keep reaching for the Bars of your next workout.

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