This week

Sorry. Couldn’t come up with a better title 😛

I am so thankful for running. I tried walking three and a half miles during my lunch break earlier this week. Made it to exactly 3 miles and I went over my lunch break. I was literally walking the whole time and it felt like a drag. That’s when I realized how grateful I am for running, especially intervals, because it makes the distance go by faster.

I’ve also gotta add that most days, my walking pace and my running pace are a good bit higher than when I first started. And I’ve discovered new places that are good for running and walking… and places that have water fountains! 🙂

I ran in the morning yesterday. I took my “lunch” at 9 and went for a run. Unfortunately it was already hot and humid… too humid for me… so it felt like a drag. I was trying to run 3.1 miles but I also had a timer. I ran the time but I couldn’t finish the 3 miles running so I finished the rest walking. And it took longer than I expected.

Still I felt great afterwards.

After work I drove to the GHS Family Y. Getting out of the car, especially after walking a bit, I felt like I had re-injured my left leg. I kept walking on it for some time but I got worried. Got home and looked it up. 3 possibilites: shin splits, rolled ankle, or too much pressure on the top of my foot from tight shoe lacing.

I’m hoping it’s the latter, because that’s how it started out feeling like. I’m still doing RICE and I will still do the run but I won’t push myself. I’ve also loosened the lacing on my shoes.

I’m praying it’ll feel better tomorrow. Regardless of what tomorrow brings, though, I’m thankful for RBL. The community it brought is amazing. I love the sense of belonging and the sense of sharing with my team through the ups and downs. I will miss RBL. ❤

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