… but I’m not ready yet!

We’re at the end of our 12-week journey.  I didn’t participate nearly as much as I’d expected and hoped to.  But- it has made a difference.  Every run I went on and every workout I attended was more than I would have done if not for this program.  I’m more active in my daily life now than I was 12 weeks ago.  My diet is still very far from perfect, but I’ve caught myself in the last week about to grab a piece of Easter candy and put it back because there’s a weigh-in this week!

Speaking of the weigh-in… well, I didn’t accomplish much. At all. I mean, at least the number went down (a laughable amount).  You get out what you put in, I guess.

I’m not ready yet. I’m not ready for this to be done. The support and motivation were wonderful, and I didn’t realize how beneficial this was until close to the end.  I am extremely grateful for this opportunity.

It’s ridiculous that I’m not ready yet. I’ve known that this was a 12 week program from the start.  I’ve known the end date as long.  I’ve known that it’s not forever.  I should have taken advantage of more.
Reflecting on this, I pray that this isn’t how the end of life goes (woah, too deep).  I want to take advantage of all that is offered.  I don’t want to be leaving kicking and screaming (even though I know there’s something better!).

Change is hard. But I will be out there on race day, running more than I would have been without this program!

One thought on “… but I’m not ready yet!”

  1. If you only compare my first weigh-in to my last, I lost 4.4 pounds. But I lost some weight along the way, gained it back, and will hopefully lose it again. The important thing is committing and not quitting.
    Warm up well before the run and start slow and easy.

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