Final day in first leg

Today was the Rob’s Run 5K. Which is the “graduation” for those of us in the RBL program. The final day in the first leg of this journey. I walked, jogged, sprinted this 5K. My finishing time- 46:21. I’m proud of myself! While my numbers are not where I want them,  I’m am not where I was once. I had lost about 10 pounds, have gained a few back. I have lost 2 inches off of my waist and hips. I’ve done this the hard way. Making better choices, and working hard at the Y.

Now it’s time to plan the next leg in this journey. I will be heading back to the Y. We have become family at the Eastside Y.
I don’t want to end this post without thanking a few people:

Rob Dempsey- thank you for being so open about your journey and spearheading this program.

His Radio, Jay’s Appliances, Modern Woodmen of America- thank you for sponsoring this program. (I hope I got this right)

Misty- thank you for being you!!

Annette- thank you for encouraging me every step- literally.

My family and friends- thank you for believing in me and pushing me.

Last and certainly not the least- but my first- thank you Jesus! You have loved this broken girl, and are putting me back together. You have stretched me until I thought I would break. You were there holding me. You push me when I need it. I love you beyond simple words. I’m grateful that you never let go of us. I pray that I become who Tou think I can be.



Team Eastside

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