I’m truly sad… But happy as well.

I was really sad and heartbroken that I could not be there to do the 5k or even be there to support my teammates. It’s frustrating when you work hard and then can’t be there for the finale. My husband became extremely ill and he had been my focus this week. Though I didn’t get a finale weigh in and measure, I am happy that by my scales, I lost 20 lbs. I’ve had to pull out old jeans because mine have gotten too big! As excited as I am about that, I’m more excited about how much stronger my body has gotten. After two back surgeries, last year I could barely make it all the way around the grocery store without having to sit. Thanks to this opportunity from Rob’s big losers, HisRadio and the good Lord above, the length I can walk and the amount of time I can walk without sitting is so much better. I still struggle with pain everyday but the doctors said that will be so for the rest of my life. However… I choose to believe even that will get better with time as long as I continue to exercise and eat right. I’ve so enjoyed this journey and meeting everyone. I’m forever grateful for this opportunity and will continue to pray for each of you and the success of RBL’s in the future. God bless you all!!

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