There are no words but I’m going to try.

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I can not express what this journey has meant to me.   From being shocked by being chosen in the first place to be a GHS RBL to being shocked by winning the 5K today.  If I were to try to express what has happened to me in this 12 weeks, I’ll be writing for days.  I have grown spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.    I realize now that I have been my own worst enemy.   And in saying that “I can’t” I’m telling God, “He can’t”  Oh, sure, he can have Rob Dempsey be successful on his quest to lose weight and get healthy, but not me.  I’m 60 and I hurt and I suffer depression and I’m too busy and I can’t.

But guess what, God can.   When I got to the end of myself and gave up, God said, “Come on, baby girl.  I’ve got a plan for you.  Let me show you what I CAN DO thru you.”

A year ago, I was over 180 pounds of flubber.  I couldn’t have walked around the track ONE TIME without pain.   I was depressed and angry.    I had sadness that hung on me though you may see me smile…

Fast Forward….A few ah-ha moments happened just lately that pushed me through to make today possible.

Physically – Jeff said to me that when I’m doing strength training, I should be working to the point of failure…..your body can do more than you think……hmmmm

Mentally – I found out I am a bit, no a LOT competitive still.   An at-home lady came into the cafe at the Y and said her app said she and her friend had run the 5K in 30 minutes….WHAT!!!   Nobody can do that….and I filed away that thought…..hmmmmm

I spoke with Brooke at the Y about WHY can’t I keep running!  Others were going, going, going like little ever-ready bunnies around and around and I always stopped….there’s a hill….just too tired…. HIT A WALL.   Brook simply said that it was probably a mental thing that I just thought I couldn’t…That if I just did it, that I would get a second wind and carry on… hmmmmm.

Spiritually – God and I have talked a lot.   A LOT!  There were too many coincedences that were not coincedences….The group that was put together for the GHS RBL group has meshed into a team of friends that will always pray and pull for each other way past today.  Leslie Knox and Brian Sumner being our leaders and mentors and friends and teachers and encouragers…..priceless.   Leslie’s devotions at meetings were spot-on.  The stories that we shared were in confidence and in our hearts forever.   As my friend Regina says, “Everybody has got a story…”

My Jesus and I are so close now….for that fact, He’s IN ME!  I know. Every other christian knows that but it’s different… I’ve always treated Jesus an an external power to be my helper…to come hold my hand through something when I need Him.   But scripture like, “For me to live IS Christ.” has a whole new meaning.   And, “I have been crucified with Christ, and it is no longer I that live, but Christ lives in me.”   Jesus doesn’t want to be our helper, He wants to be our very life.

I could go on and on… especially about what happened as a pure miracle today.   I’m 10 pounds lighter on this 12 week journey but the value and the joy that I have discovered this past 12 weeks,  I feel wind under my peds and wings on my back.  Life is truly a blessing and I want to be a servant in any way that Jesus sees to lead me.   Team RBL 2017….Carry on!

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Excited about the opportunity to better myself constantly. Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, Emotionally. Learning from my past but moving from it to an enriched new normal.

2 thoughts on “There are no words but I’m going to try.”

  1. Ahh thank you for the sweet words! You did AMAZING!!!! What an inspiration you were at the 5K with your warm wonderful smile and to all you have come in contact sharing this journey!!! Keep up the great work and being your awesome self!!!

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