Yesterday Was Another Sad… Yet Exciting Day… And I Just Had To Take Some Time To Reflect For Not Only My Amazing Team But Also Those Family and Friends Who Have Been Following My Journey…

I was up before the crack of dawn getting ready to participate in my First 5k run as a Robs Big Loser contestant… It still doesn’t feel real saying me/my/or I and run in the same sentence… I’m still in total awe of how far God has brought me these past few years. ♡

I’m so thankful my baby Cris came to show his love and support. He gave me a drink each time I passed. And his proud approving grin kept me pressing on! I know mama had a great big grin on her face cheering me along too… it made me cry just thinking about it while I was out there…♡

I couldn’t help but think about how proud she would be… not just for all the work I’ve put in to achieve the weight loss but more than anything that my diabetes is under control now… without taking ANY medicine!! Those extremely high sugar levels that used to upset her so much no longer exist in my body!!!

👊 Introducing proper nutrition and exercise gave the diabetes a nice lethal throat punch and it no longer plagues my life!!! 👊 That non-scale victory alone means more to me than the almost 100 pounds of extra baggage I’m no longer carrying. 😉

Don’t get me wrong… I still have a long way to go in this journey… but I’m more confident than ever that with God as my strength…I can and will cross that final finish line with a smile on my face! He’s given me a glimpse of those wings that are sure to break through anytime now… the metamorphosis is well underway…♡

These past 12 weeks have played a significant role in that process… They have been Absolutely Amazing!!! My team and I have had highs… and lows… and many struggles… but even more victories!!! Through all the adversity, sickness, pain, and just life in general getting in the way of our accomplishments… we grew stronger as a team as we lifted each other up with messages of encouragement and prayers everyday. These awesome men and women have been a tremendous group of support and accountability and I really can’t express my gratitude! Accountability is definitely key!!! But the best part is… it doesn’t end here… because we’ve also built lasting relationships along the way as well and I will always have mad love for my team!!! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for each and every one of you!!! Rock on Rock Stars!!! You got this!!! May God richly bless you with an abundance of grace to finish your race! ♡

I also want to thank those family and friends here who have taken time out of their day to offer a word of encouragement my way… you guys have been awesome too!!! And I also have mad love for you!!! Until we meet again… I pray you feel His love and strength helping you make it through whatever challenges you face! ♡

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