My Whys…….

Fitness, Faith, and Fatherhood


I want to be fit. I want to be healthy. I want to not feel sluggish. I want to be able to do physical activities without getting tired immediately.

All of these are common thoughts to those of us who have struggled with weight loss. I know that I constantly am thinking them still and I’ve already lost a decent amount.

So how do we change these from being thoughts to being actions that will get us to that goal line?

For me, it was discovering my “Whys.”

Losing weight and getting healthy is not an easy journey. It has lots of pitfalls and speed-bumps. There are days you’ll just want to give up and quit because it’s easier (in the short term) to just eat what you want and not go to the gym.

It’s these days that it is imperative that you know your “whys.”

For me, I…

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