Variety of emotions….

I have to say this is a wonderful opportunity that we have been provided with over the next 12 weeks. I certainly feel that God makes no mistakes and that our groups are together for a reason! The kickoff was a bundle of mixed emotions for me from “oh my I am really here” to “what have I gotten myself into”! I became rather overhwhelmed with emotion as our team was called down to the front of the stage during the kickoff event. I thought there is a reason and purpose as to why I have been chosen and am here tonight. I have failed to take care of myself for way too long. Now is the time and this is where and who I need to take this journey with in order to accomplish my goals. God makes no mistakes! So I am scheduled to have my Wellness Works appointment tomorrow. I know that it will validate that I need to make changes in my life. However, it will allow me to set goals in order to be a better me and I know that Philippians 4:13 will be my reminder each day my feet hit the floor.

Prayers for much success and a desire for healthy living for each one of us!

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