Veggies every meal

Lets talk about veggies! Whether you love them or hate them we need to eat them for a healthy lifestyle. When I first started changing my eating habits I would say I did not like many vegetables. I had read somewhere that it takes trying a food 12 times in order to start to like the taste. I began to try new veggies a week, until I liked them. Then I made up a rule for myself. I will eat veggies at every meal! Yes, every meal! Breakfast being an important meal of the day really needs a good dose of veggie! I know it sounds crazy but it works! Today I had a mushroom and kale omelet. Tonight I prepared over night oatmeal with shredded zucchini. I have used pumpkin, sweet potato and carrots in my overnight oatmeal. On days I am running late I have even grabbed a cucumber as I walked out the door. Like your mother told you growing up, eat your veggies!


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