Plan for the week

Every week I am going to look at my habits and find at least one thing to change.  This week for me it is the coffee (hard one for me). I am an off again-on again user.  I want to save my calories for food even though it is just a bit for the decadent creamer. I also want a more alkaline PH level in my system.  This is not for everyone but I am going to cut my tie with that morning starter and replace it with water and workouts to energize and launch out on the right foot.

2 thoughts on “Plan for the week”

  1. Heard your interview and wow you are a rock star for trying to give up caffeine. I do well on this for a while and then struggle again. Good job.

  2. Thanks Kathy! I appreciate your comments and have fun on your journey. I hope you had a fabulous week! I am pretty sore, feeling muscles ache I never knew I had… So excited to be stepping forward to a better place.

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