Future starts today

Being a mother of 3 who were fairly close in age, over time I allowed myself to slowly slow down. I was a stay at home mom for several years that exhausted me. I began neglecting my body and resorting mostly to eating foods that were “quick and easy” – which most days meant fast food. Slowly, I went up a size every year or two. I tended to ignore it by thinking, “oh, I’ll just lose it later”. But later never came. In 2008 my daughter suffered a severe stroke in her brain stem at the age of 17. She was already recovering from a surgery from a few days prior when it occurred. Her story is HER story, that I’m sure I will be sharing bits of here and there, but during the 9 months in the hospital and rehab stay, I rarely left her side. That meant vending machine snacking and food from the hospital cafeteria/chickfilA/subway.  My thoughts were not on eating healthy. My thoughts were totally and completely on my child getting better. After 9 months, she came home with many healthcare needs. It exhausted me, but somehow each day God gave me the energy I needed to take care of her. She is now doing alot on her own, but still needs supervision and help – though it has become much less exhausting… So why am I still so exhausted?? Over the years from then til now, I have put on 60lbs+. Walking up a flight of stairs gets me winded. I had a stress test several months ago and lasted only 6 minutes on the treadmill before I became so winded and light-headed I thought I was going to pass out! That was my reality moment. How in this world will I ever be able to continue to do the things I still need to do for my daughter, let alone be able to chase after my 2 grandbabies when they get older, if I can hardly breathe. My last year of being in my 40’s will be the year I begin being fit for my 50’s!! Already cut out sodas and sweet tea (both of which I pretty sure I was highly addicted to, by the way my body has responded to going without). The headaches may be intense, but so is my resolve to getting healthy! One day at a time!! So blessed to be a part of RBL. I feel at this beginning stage I really need the encouragement and accountability… as well as someone giving me a game plan.  Mine has not worked so well for me over the years.

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  1. You can do this and yes giving up soda and tea is rough but thank Heaven it doesn’t last long. You go this…..

  2. You and I have similar stories. I will be right here cheering you on as we take this journey together.

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