Sheet pan dinners!


I love sheet pan dinners. I use olive oil (I like it better than EVOO) and use spices like Mrs. Dash or just whatever I think up. Fresh herbs, garlic, squeeze a lemon, PESTO! If you have not had pesto I recommend you get some. It makes everything better. (2 tbsp of pesto and 2 tbsp of sherry vinegar make a great salad dressing for a spinach salad!!!) These sheet pan dinners can be anything from steak fajitas to a shrimp boil! Also, if you have not found Pintrest it is a great place to find great sheet pan recipes. Lay it all out, season it and forget it!!! Easy peasy!!! Here on the top shelf I have grouper, potatoes, asparagus and mushrooms seasoned with olive oil and lemon pepper Mrs. Dash. The bottom pan is asparagus, salmon with pesto and lemon, and mushrooms. I sprinkled this pan of veggies with garlic and a little parmesan. Try out some of your own creations and share!

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4 thoughts on “Sheet pan dinners!”

  1. Wow looks good. Thats enough food for a gonna have to give thos a try. I do jot like vinegar. Ok ill be honest I HATE VINEGAR.LOL

    1. I understand but there are different types of vinegar and mixed with other elements….make some tasty dishes!!! How do you think Italian dressing starts?! 😁 I have 2 teenage boys so when I cook I have to make enough for an army. LOL

      1. Never seen one i like. Seriously. Everyone has that thing they hate. Mines

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