Wellness Works

I had recorded a video blog for you guys but it isn’t letting me upload it so I will just update you through typed words instead. Tonight I took the next step on this journey and had my wellness works appointment. I was scared and maybe even a little worried what the numbers would show. Numbers don’t lie and they definitely didn’t tonight. I went in gave it my all, pushed myself, and tried my best. I am sore and can tell where I need the most work. The report card shows where I need the most work and where I am doing ok. I have been doing pretty good with my nutrition and haven’t had a sweet tea since Sunday and no soda for a week. Tomorrow is our first group meeting so I am excited to see everyone and see how things are going for them. I am attaching my report card as accountability to this program. What those numbers were tonight won’t be the same in 12 weeks.

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