It has been a week.

What a week it has been so far.  I don’t know if that should be read with excitement or defeat.  My eating has been good.  It’s been great to meet with the at-home group and to also share our journey together on Facebook.  It seems that every time I try to exercise something comes up.  I am so frustrated that I haven’t been able to do much more than I regularly do this week.  I did get a new gym membership, but haven’t started there yet.

It’s not been too difficult to stick with my plan for eating healthy.  I did slip the other night and had some ice cream, but that’s all.  The next night I woke up craving ice cream, but after a few minutes of fighting with myself, I went back to bed.  Small wins are still wins, right?



One thought on “It has been a week.”

  1. Hey Corey–I absolutely love your picture!! 🙂 And I love this post!! I had a cheat night as well–I had Taco Bell on Wednesday–but have been really good before and since. YOU ARE RIGHT!! SMALL WINS ARE STILL WINS!! Stay encouraged friend!!! Romans 8:11 has been my mantra this week!! 🙂

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