All in

Last week was the kick off for Rob’s Big Loser. I was ecstatic to find out I was part of the East side Y. I had tried to make the team last year and it just wasn’t my time. This year things are very different. I have been doing Weight Watchers and know that I am at a place where I need help to make this last push.  I run but I have been afraid to add weights to my program and really if I am honest just fearful in general. I can;t wait to see what we as a team can do with the strength of God and each other collectively. Last night, our team met and did a circuit workout. It reminded me of when I use to teach aerobics. My life is very far from that life. But, I could see a glimmer of who that girl was. When I sent in my application I know that for me I wanted what God was doing on the inside to show on the outside. He transforms. He renews. He makes all things new- even this worn out body. Next week, I will be trying to do my active traxs 2 times and get in a workout class 2 times as well. I would really like to try out the TRX (?) class and maybe do a spin class! I love to ride but usually get so hot riding inside. Hoping they have a fan in there. I first have to figure out how to get the app on my phone and reserve a space. I’m probably no different than any other moms. Too busy to take care of myself. But, this has to be a priority. My health has to be a priority. I am convinced that taking care of my body helps my mind and emotions and that helps me be a better mom. As I learn to depend on Jesus when I am tired (hello back of my legs from those squats. Thanks ) then I can learn to trust him in more important things. Cause I have a lot on my plate. Stuff I’ll share later. He is enough for today and that is how I will see this through. One step. One day. One bite. One workout. One meal.  Blessings

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