End of Week One

This is what I am I learning.  I have to set aside time to schedule life. My greatest tool is my phone to set reminders and a Quo Vadis Academic Minister as my Agenda Planning Diary.  It has a monthly calendar and weekly spread laid out in hourly format.  I can block of time for meeting, workouts, college class, homework, study sessions, meal planning and prep and my husband and five kid’s events.  This is the only way I am staying sane now.  I thought this week was going to plow me under but completely contrary.  I am stronger and lost three pounds!  My body does not give up anything on the scale but I fought hard for it and ate two serving of veggies with every meal, and a grapefruit with my breakfast almost everyday. My muscles are sore but I got four workout in this week.  Tomorrow is the day of rest.  I plan to take advantage of it!!

Keep fighting! You are getting stronger. Sky is the limit!




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