Week 1 – Food & Strength

Week one is finished already. Looking back I am proud to say I made it! I posted a picture with the quote “anyone can workout for an hour, but to control what goes onto your plate the other 23 hours…. thats hard work.”

Reflecting back on this past week I have learned that food was a high priority of mine. I was often too busy/rushed to eat breakfast at home in the mornings and would stop by a get a biscuit. The I would stop with my work crew for a mid-morning snack (gas station style). I would go out for lunch because what I had packed at home didn’t sound s good as what I noticed on the billboards going down the road. My crew would stop for a second gas station snack somewhere mid afternoon. I would get home and think I was STARVING. Not sure how this was possible because of everything I had fed myself throughout the day. Often times I would be eating an unhealthy snack as my wife was cooking. Then finishing off my cravings with supper. Wait… no… I would have 1-2 more snacks before bed too because I was still hungry. Right?

Or was I…

I had a bad habit of just wanting to eat and snack. Because the things I was pumping into my body were toxic and unhealthy… I was “starving” all the time.

Fast forward to this week when my wife and I took the step to a better and healthier lifestyle. I changed my eating habits immediately. The food I was putting into my body was fueling my system. I am now able to go without feeling the “starving” crave. I can still eat every 2-3 hours but I no longer countdown to the time. I no longer have to have something greasy or prepackaged from a gas station or fast food restaurant. Spending the time at the grocery store and in the kitchen meal prepping has been my biggest success this week. I am able to pack my meals, eat and feel 150% better. I have more energy than ever and the ability to exercise harder than before. It took strength to start and to break the bad habit but its been worth it. This week I’ve been able to exercise multiple times daily and I’ve lost over 12 pounds. Exercise…. what I thought would be the hard part, is still the easiest. Because now I have the food (fuel) to keep me going. The time in the kitchen is worth it. Workout hard for that hour… but make the other 23 hours count too!

Looking forward to week #2 and what all it has to offer!

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